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    If the housing register is not the most appropriate for you at this time there still may be a number of housing options available to you. For more information regarding any of these options please contact your local authority.

    These include:

    Private Renting - Accommodation rented from a private landlord or letting agent. There is a wide choice of available properties which are let at unrestricted rents which reflect market demand. Private landlords will often require references and payments of deposit or rent in advance and offer a minimum tenancy of six months. In some cases we have a bond scheme available which may help you to access private housing.

    Shared ownership (New build Homebuy) - This provides an opportunity for applicants to purchase a share in their home of generally 50% and then pay a rent to the provider (usually a RSL) on the remainder. The owner can in most circumstances staircase up and purchase larger shares in the property. The owner can sell on their percentage share if they wish to move with the remainder going back to the RSL.

    EM Homebuy - Below is a link to the EM Homebuy website. The EM Homebuy service has been designed so that anyone looking for an affordable home within Lincolnshire will only need to fill in one application form to gain access to homes from all relevant housing associations and private developers.

    Click here for EM Homebuy

    Other- Other affordable home ownership options are available within the three districts. Please contact us for details within the specific areas.