Please do not use the back or forward buttons on your browser. Instead please use any provided 'back' option within the website form(s). If there is no 'back' option available please use the 'cancel' option.

    Properties will appear on the website and be available for bidding from 0:02am each Wednesday through to 12pm on the following Monday. (A 5 day bidding cycle).

    The adverts tell you who the landlord of the property is, where it is located, the size of the dwelling (number of bedrooms), whether pets are allowed, the rent and other features which will help you to decide if you wish to make a bid or not.

    The advert will also inform you if there are conditions that you have to meet in order to bid for the property. An example of this might be a minimum age requirement or a local connection to the area.

    We want to ensure that the information that you are given on properties makes it easy for you to be sure that you are bidding for properties you really want.

    Before you make a bid, you may wish to:

    - Check out the location of the property on a map to see if it is in an area you would be happy to live in?

    - Consider if you would you easily be able to get to the amenities you need, e.g. doctors, shops, schools or church? Further information about the location of a property can be found by using the link to the Up my Street website. The size of the property is suitable for your needs.

    - How many bed spaces are there? The advert will normally state how many people can live in the property. The advert will state the floor level which flats and maisonettes are on and if there is lift access. Before bidding think if you can manage the stairs or are able to use a lift?

    If you would like to consider alternative housing options, further information can be found on the housing options pages of this website. Registered applicants of the Lincs Homefinder scheme will be able to bid for a maximum of 2 properties in each bidding cycle.

    You can bid in the following ways:

    - On the Website: Go to login and log on with your Lincs Homefinder user ID(usually surname and date of birth) and password. Then use the properties search facility to see what properties are available to bid on. Having made your choice and after going in to the property details, you can then use the bid button to make your bid.

    - By Telephone: Call your local authority (see contact page) and speak to a member of the housing solutions team. You will be required to give your name and address and the property reference number that you would like to place a bid on.

    *Please note that bids made over the telephone may not show on the system immediately.