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    If you are currently a council tenant and would consider exchanging your property with another tenant then you may wish to pursue a 'Mutual Exchange'. Many tenants have managed to successfully swap their council or housing association property with another more suitable one using this service.

    Finding a mutual exchange means you may not have to wait for months (even years) on a housing transfer list. HomeSwapper has the UK's biggest list of members all wanting to swap homes. This means there are millions of possible swaps waiting for you.

    If you are already a tenant of one of the Partner organisations, you can register your details FREE of charge!

    To use this service please navigate to:

    Please remember:

    - You are not allowed to give or receive payment in cash or kind

    - You cannot exchange until you are given permission by your landlord

    - Different landlords and tenancies may have different rights and responsibilities than your current tenancy and you should check this before agreeing to any swap.

    - If you move without permission, you may be asked to move back or your landlord may go to court to evict you from the property you have moved into.