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    Lincs Homefinder is a scheme run by City of Lincoln Council, North Kesteven District Council, West Lindsey District Council and Acis Housing Group. The scheme has been designed to make sure a selection of housing products as well as housing advice is available for those seeking homes in Lincolnshire. Lincs Homefinder is a choice based lettings scheme, which allows you to apply for homes you are interested in. High standards of quality and service are maintained in the operation of the service. In many cases demand for housing will be greater than supply. We aim to give help and advice to meet the individual need of each customer.


    It is important that you keep us up to date with any changes in your circumstances as this may affect your eligibility for housing and any priority you may be given. If your circumstances change we may need to re-assess your application.

    If you are offered a property and your circumstances are not up to date we may withdraw an offer of a property whilst your application is being re assessed with your new circumstances.

    You must provide us with up to date contact details to ensure we can contact you if you are to be offered a property. If we are unable to contact you the property may be offered to someone else.

    You can update your circumstances and contact details online by logging and navigating to 'MY ACCOUNT' from the menu options. Alternatively, you can contact your Local Authority directly.


    Anyone has the right to make an application to join the Scheme. Applicants should generally be aged 18 years or over. In the case of joint applications, at least one should normally be aged 18. Special provisions apply to 16-17 year olds, see below. Applications from the following groups will be considered.

    Persons not subject to immigration control taking account of nationality and immigration. The main customer groups to whom properties will be let to are:

    • All existing secure and introductory tenants of a Local Housing Authority and assured tenants of an RSL.

    • British nationals who are habitually resident in the Common Travel Area (CTA) i.e. United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Isle of Man or Republic of Ireland.
    • Commonwealth citizens who have the right of abode and are habitually resident in the CTA.
    • European Economic Area (EEA) nationals who have the right to reside in the UK and are habitually resident in the CTA.
    Persons subject to immigration control who have been granted:
    • Refugee Status
    • Humanitarian Protection or Discretionary Protection, provided that there is no condition that they shall not be a charge on public funds.
    • Indefinite Leave to Remain, provided that they are habitually resident in the CTA and their Leave to Remain was not granted in the previous five years on the basis of sponsorship given in relation to maintenance and accommodation (or if their sponsor has died).
    • Persons subject to immigration control who are nationals of a country that has ratified the European Convention on Social and Medical Assistance (ECSMA) or the European Social Charter (ESC) provided that they are habitually resident in the CTA and lawfully present in the UK.
    In addition to European Nationals who are habitually resident in the UK, and can prove they have a current British National Insurance Number, applications from the following groups of people will also be considered:
    • A person granted refugee status when his/her request for asylum is accepted.
    • Persons granted exceptional leave to enter or remain. This will be someone who has failed in the request for asylum, but has been given leave to remain where there are compelling, compassionate circumstances.
    Persons granted indefinite leave to remain in the UK who are regarded as having settled status. Applicants still have to establish habitual residence. Under the Housing Act 1996, local authorities must consider whether applicants are eligible for housing assistance. This relates to some people who may have been living abroad or who do not have permanent permission to remain in the UK. Any person making an application who is identified as falling under the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 will be assessed in accordance with the Act. We reserve the right to seek independent advice and assistance to resolve the issue of eligibility.

    Generally, applications from 16/17 year olds will also be accepted but will only be considered for vacancies in designated supported young persons schemes. However, the following will be accepted on to the list for general housing stock:
    • A single woman aged 16 or 17 expecting a child.
    • A single parent aged 16 or 17 with a dependent child.
    • A couple, with one or both aged 16 or 17 who are expecting a child, or have a dependent child.
    In the case of applicants who are aged 16 or 17 and homeless, a joint assessment with Children's Services will be required to identify appropriate housing and support needs. This process may include other agencies such as Connexions, Health, Probation, and Youth Offending Teams. Such applicants will usually only be considered for appropriately supported housing schemes and not general purpose accommodation. Some housing providers require 16/17 year olds accepted for housing to have a guarantor and/or sign up for support from the housing provider or their agent where satisfactory support is not in place from statutory agencies.


    Those who CANNOT join the Choice Based Letting Scheme are:

    • Persons who are ineligible to reside in the United Kingdom.
    • Persons granted exceptional leave to enter or remain but do not have recourse to public funds.
    • Applicant(s) or member of the applicants household whose behaviour (if s/he were a secure tenant of the Authority) would have led to a Possession Order being granted, therefore affecting their suitability to be a tenant. Such exclusions may be made regardless of previous tenure. Examples are listed in Appendix E. Such applications will be considered by the Lincs Homefinder Review Panel.
    • When reaching a decision to refuse an application because of unacceptable behaviour, the Panel will take into account all the relevant factors, including health, dependants and current housing situation, that a Court would consider before making any order. A decision will also be made on the length of time that the application will be excluded stating the reasons why and the actions that can be undertaken to enable an applicant to re-apply.
    The Partnership will take into account other behaviour considered as unacceptable but that would not have been grounds for possession (if had been a secure tenant), this is detailed in Section 2.12

    In respect of rent arrears, the following will be considered before any decision is made to refuse an application:
    • The amount of debt outstanding and whether it is of such a level that, if the applicant had been a local authority tenant, the landlord would obtain a possession order.
    • The age of the debt, should it still be relevant.
    • The applicant's commitment to repay
    • Existing repayment arrangements including maintaining regular payments for a minimum of 13 weeks.
    The Partnership will take into account other housing related debt that would not have been grounds for possession (if had been a secure tenant), this is detailed in Section 2.20

    If the Partnership decides that an applicant for housing is ineligible it will notify the applicant in writing of the decision detailing the grounds and their right to a review of the decision, within 21 days of receipt of the decision.

    If an applicant is found to be ineligible for the Housing Register they may make a fresh application when the grounds for ineligibility no longer apply.